Saturday, June 10, 2017

Beyblade 32-33 + L&G 31-32

Already said this to my group members, but I call dibs on her(?)
Hey there. Yep, I'm back to my usual delayed posts.
Let's skip the chit chat.

About the requests for MEGA links and seeds on older episodes: we're really sorry about this. We're working on getting MEGA links, but since we're close to completing the batches for both Beyblade and L&G, we hope you'll be able to get those instead.
Either way, we'll keep you updated.

EDIT: Mega links for old episodes are below. Inserted a jump break because it's a looong list.

Let's & Go 14!dd5WRKLK!ygqZCT64L8JOd-MNvj2-jiFn91hkMmzYM6bly_bAQf0
Let's & Go 15!1Ih3kJCS!b6YXL_yD7qm6usmyaxjNtODxNW1V_8OR7NjZk6D3lMI
Let's & Go 16!cMZyHAaa!WcUdI_qmZQ_UQe8HmF3pKuNTna4a90Rfza7AvL2XpqA
Let's & Go 17!YYg1lRqR!ryKrKPSoXTza4O6e-QOKnORvlg4fOobkq2jFGqi1BjM
Let's & Go 18!4QJD3b7T!vQj3nPow5tUNMcQw-B7kzN4cBaj9CbeJIWNmxylmu5U
Let's & Go 19!VBAxUTwS!Ie7N0ospaKoNcQSL9Hh6rKR4wUIiNH_hnc54dSKKzZ4
Let's & Go 20!Ed41DDiK!Vf1RWtwuNmGuBDCqmbLeX2uNV4bZNBRwlsnZgv0gQyk
Let's & Go 21!0dYRCBYS!dBiel82RV5qe6Hyn3eLc8TavuQpIK38x9T3K7fOdrso
Let's & Go 22!hZB1yZbL!Gha61P6lWbrkjr_YNyjN4BTr7YRROdpykLurvk0iIpY
Let's & Go 23!1Vx3gIxQ!ogIP2XXKtVRUxt4nahu7DTyq_MdGUAmpeY8Dbk3fuW4
Let's & Go 24!5FgSEIgI!IuumRunV8Y6NRQSxpXuMQV5udMDQu8l8Kd3fM5zn-fc
Let's & Go 25!oQAwVT6R!MdnkMtiPtl2UHGj_Anchg7cdcl9cUNQDyrgDIv0m8nA
Let's & Go 26!QUI1kQaI!fzuETtLqECmpPxVpvuW2RL-sh1qYVCDtGU1mFEEPk50
Let's & Go 27!BJ5gBT7Z!2yR_KA6xyoVD_DKZnqMq7fPZ7giWiYrNPFeIE3zLKZw
Let's & Go 28!RQQVHSLb!jvT0tStDHM1zTMQ38Kiyp68fVmOjRYCzJpMtYJtq6NY
Let's & Go 29!xJJ00KwS!6RpEpz2hoZGnV8GmrCIwCRsu2T_izE-bQHWL9up-Btg
Let's & Go 30!EcYnFQpK!iapkUadWgWYHsilcXXRb-DZHsZNUsyL9hVh1KE5sn6o
Let's & Go 31!kEAFlIrZ!ulECayAC-d4KDJRJid2fibe5VegCd2JnAuNZeVI6IwE

Beyblade 05!lVhQQI4B!su7tbzlMkY6yRZUvo7fXXA9vbbFHt7BulDEwF1ecg3M
Beyblade 06!cRpFgLIa!DC3DfwlA0VFgC5dmBFkIxwHt8aamTQjUgg3TpsFUOg8
Beyblade 07!lV4VHI6Y!CriDunnxQwfA5A7W2y2wl1pqQkaYXeYz8ZrXlE7x0q0
Beyblade 08!AdYyDTyC!P3R_kwE29p_7X_VRZI2PoOTvnA3Tg3pmJJg05MvQgEM
Beyblade 09!cQxyRCzK!2uC-3Yry490-6APjYSTx2mRZK6L-uGF7CNzYZamIPlI
Beyblade 10!EcJn1bZb!_T0JBNjjESML2Vg4LHlwJfsUlbLXVbpotNdjGUKvClM
Beyblade 11!pcwlHCKI!b6zgpH4rvT6IQTyX3HYdSc10hWUSA7uJfJARIU7QPjI
Beyblade 12!hAIhTDbB!n6tOJRF9xdGukrRX1O2BRXWPbeh7YLmEWsYUtEQ7leo
Beyblade 13!NdwU0RSD!M0OMYNFTuURjpxEFoft7qjtiyt1zY8W7ukcNTgV4XTI
Beyblade 14!QYhiGZ6B!GG6DSoCh4ifm3NbMKEexZzSO_o5wwTFGptZHk2YhOcE
Beyblade 15!AFowyQJY!0VMwYAZuNIQA0hGSk5bzQQWgUD-6OX7caHi1HTjQMmg
Beyblade 16!hdYS3KLT!JEYB7fysBwszNVdX4YC4BXEUSIluP8FFY0M5arZdRDE
Beyblade 17!kRpCnQha!pU6S381lCDCMc0Et36mxfR_2Zy2j01fGRfpudxzg6CM
Beyblade 18!dY5RjaSQ!elOZat7AgZ6KWfV-ZjAeFpCS4OuB_Ry04IPJS3zZj1A
Beyblade 19!MJQ0BDRB!57zM3uOzYS6WzITMNpZS4wjduMSkVhP4uRFhbb5KhSQ
Beyblade 20!5dozWD5Q!tBLpODO-cqtHp85J7oQn0f1QEoQ2CJovkuBZb2xncj4
Beyblade 21!pdpDmZQJ!81E7asopgSmB3Z-CADM0WoqqBz76ovlXkg_BSlnrfL8
Beyblade 22!IMQgGBDK!C47ga9ytBxl_h81Hw7t67uJtX1eXp9Mf_ah5qcHdRS8
Beyblade 23!NBpW1bLL!v-FkOQrc-2JAv42rRBeC47Y-HweeTeTTxl515f-rQNM
Beyblade 24!5IBC0RgI!qwy0lLDZgdd4ZcJRL1MlR0fjoweOoGoHmkgjR-HXB8Q
Beyblade 25!EJ5XBKwI!hYfLNu00s4BCYgFlu30kNN5hYUPgSAbabI-0z8SFVmc
Beyblade 26!sZBCkKTK!eZuxans5-5IZyojQ57W5hK6vhj5Wx_e_th3KUYEw3UA
Beyblade 27!YMA2VAAA!ALxwqoQofSMKB5g_-k58E-4XJSLfZsPpWu8sJ42TJ9s
Beyblade 28!dNZ2XQSJ!sXzFcm-51x9SHbYrdzcoJRFUu5s-wNnelBVdumyJlnU
Beyblade 29!9BxHiRaS!7zDPBYHmyywKeyU9wj8I8rYLtv7BQ7Pa3rBEd_zqsYM
Beyblade 30!4UASRayI!grlsMrvS_l2TuwL4ZzVq8I1EpFx2jxkual_Wn35ljTc
Beyblade 31!AIo1DR5C!LsjASMKTe31nsv_chzpPAeVug3H-dlu-4VoEx3wfgVw
Beyblade 32!gFJw2RSY!U81HQJNJMZAlSHcQKNHAzwL3-u63VYmgq0Ie8fOhocg


  1. Thanks for the L&G links. I really appreciate it.
    I will be waiting for L&G 1-13 batch.
    Meanwhile....gotta download L&G episode 14-28. ^.^b

    1. 1080p 1-13 batch 720p 1-13 batch 480p 1-13 batch
      I am seeding these even if it says 0 seeders.
      Been seeding them with my torrent server.

    2. I had been trying to download this one for the last 5 days.

      But my torrent clients doesn't find any seed at all. Tried Āµtorrent, transmission and qbitorrent.

    3. Corrected new better links with more trackers and most importantly alive trackers. Let's & Go 1-13 480p Let's & Go 1-13 720p Let's & Go 1-13 1080p

    4. O.o.....finally I am able to connect to 1 seed for 929787 Let's & Go 1-13 480p. Thanks!

    5. No problem, seeing that the old torrents was faulty it gave me a good reason to re-create them.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Um, where are episode 1-4 of Beyblade?
    And thank you soo much for subbing Beyblade


      1-4 [HnY-SS]

    2. Thanks, very much appreciated!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Thanks. Btw, for L&G 14-current episodes, is that BD version or not? if isnt, are you planning to continue L&G BD version?

    1. It's just 720p, if you really want 1080p, what I do are I download the raw 1080p version and then I extract the sub from this 720p and then insert it into the 1080p.

      I think it's asking too much for him to upload 1080p with sub, since the file size is enormous. It's free work after all.

    2. that sounds interesting, more the part of "extracting the sub" mind telling us how? im also interested on the 1080p one c:

    3. @Retsu You need 2 things:
      1. MKVExtractGUI2 app for extracting the subtitle file(

      2. MKVToolNix GUI app for combining the raw 1080p with the subtitle file(

    4. @Wendy thank you very much :D

  6. Thank you so much. Do you think to upload beyblade subtitle Internet?

  7. if you don't mind, can you re-upload the same quality for beyblade episodes 1-7 just like those of episodes from 8-33? will be grateful if considered tho.


    1. It's so easy you can actually do it yourself. Squaresubs is using this RAW.

      All you have to do is subtract the subtitles with mkvmergegui and combine them with quality raw.

      In the meantime, between 1-4 sections [HnY-SS] made.

    2. oh, how nice of you dude, thanks for the tip.

    3. No problem. :)
      Use MKVExtractGUI to extract and use SquareSubs subtitles.
      Once you've got the subtitles, combine the raw section with the mkvmerge GUI. You can find explanatory videos on Youtube.