Thursday, March 2, 2017

Beyblade 22 - 23 + Let's & Go!! 22

Rei is CUTE! CUTE!!
Wow, I was sure I already made a post about ep 22, but I was wrong. Sorry.

Anyway, here are Beyblade 22, Beyblade 23 and Let's & Go!! 22
L&G 23 should be out soon as well.


  1. Rei is SO CUTE ♥♥
    Your blog is amazing!
    I'm waiting for another post ♥
    See you soon

  2. For G-Revolution episodes 51-52, this may shock you: there's two versions! Both in traditional episode formats, and in an hour long special. Are you only going to do one of these formats, or are you going to do both versions? If only one format, which one will you do?

  3. Hi Squaresubs teams I have a link that have the raw version with chinese sub of Let's and Go season 1 and 2. Just wondering if you guys need any resources of the episodes I can tell you. Thanks for your translation btw! I enjoy Let's and Go and always watch it in

  4. Hey guys big fan of your subs on BAKUSOU kYODAI Let's and Go series im letting you know. that i have a copy of Let's and go WGP movie ( yes the movie with Gunbluster on it) if you guys willing to sub it plz let me know ;)