Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Beyblade 15 + Let's & Go!! 15

Rei is pissed.
Having two translators is GREAT! Thanks to that, Beyblade 15 and Let's & Go!! 15 are out so close to each other.

Also, an important announcement about Medarot
Basically the reason why the final batch has been delayed so much is because we were waiting for our usual editor/QC to come through (he's the same guy who edited the previous batches and his work was top notch). Unfortunately after months of waiting, he's still MIA so we decided to give up on him (we miss you, Porky). 
And here's the point: if you have watched our subs for Medarot feel like helping out with the editing/QC of the last 13 episodes of the series, please let us know. We need someone who knows what to fix and how to keep consistency with the rest of the series.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Beyblade 14

Tsundere Kai is best Kai.
Another late update, but Beyblade 14 has been out for the last couple of days.