Monday, October 5, 2015

Episode 7 & 8!

Kikuhime no hime wa, himesama no hime!
Double surprise.
Ep 7 and 8 are out now!

I said it on nyaa as well but for some reason I think the audio and the video are a little bit out of sync and since I timed the subs with the audio you might notice it. At least that's what happened in aegisub. I'm looking for ways to fix this.

Sorry for the inconvenience and enjoy!

Oh and how retarded am I' I just realized I spelled SFIAS wrong, both in the address of this same blog, on the title (which I fixed) and on the torrent names. Oh well.


  1. If you need any help with editing or packing the video I can help you if you want.
    I mostly work with editing and fixing subs for myself and my friends and I have not uploaded any of my work as of yet but I love Medarot and I could take a look at your subs.

    1. Yes, thank you very much. The previous episodes should be okay, it's just with these two that I noticed this problemi. The weird thing is I tried delaying the audio in mkvtoolnix, and while I can notice the difference in the video player, aegisub still detects the audio as it was before and I have no idea why or how.

      Anyway, hit me up on so we can talk about this more in detail.

      Again, thank you anon.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to make those SFIAS!

    You are great!