Friday, April 22, 2016

Medarot Series Finale (Episodes 51 - 52)

Here are the last two episodes of this wonderful series.
I said it before, but this has been a great journey and I'm really sad to see it end.

I want to take this occasion to thank all the good people who helped us and supported us all this time.
First of all, thanks to my irrepleaceable team members:

  • Maxine and Shocker for their fast proofreading. They made my unreadable mess into a quality script.
  • Migon for the great work on the muxed mkv files with proper fonts, timing and subs.
  • Porkiepyne for the wonderful edits to the scripts for the v2 subs you can find in the batches.

Also I want to thank Kimble who helped me out a lot in the beginning by pointing me in the right direction and telling me about the Medarot Wikia which was really useful for getting the names of the various Medarots, Parts and techniques right (so thanks to the curators of that site as well).
Finally, I want to give my thanks to all those who commented and downloaded our subs. Knowing there are people who appriciate our work made us want to give our best. Thank you. 
And of course thank to /m/ for sticking with me from the beginning.

However, our subbing days will continue. While Migon and Porkiepyne are hard at work to release the final batches (yes there will be a complete batch with the whole series), I'm going to take a look at the candidates for our next show. They are:

  • Bakusou Kyoudai Let's Ad Go!!
  • Bakuten Shoot Bey Blade
  • Red Baron
  • Medarot Damashii

What I'm going to do is: Watch the first episodes for each to see if they're doable with my level of Japanese; Look for related info (wikias and the like) that might help me sub the show; Check if any of the shows have had a dub that is faithful enough to use when I meet some lines that I'm not sure how to render in English. 
If you're interested in any of these series and have some useful links or resources to share, let me know.

Since we may need another proofreader for our next series, if you're intereseted in joining hit us up! Also I definitely wouldn't mind adding another translator to our gang since I'm far from perfect and I can always use a second opinion when translating.

Forgive the wall of text, I promise you won't be seeing one of these here often.



  2. Just finished watching the series! Very good job guys, i'll wait for the full batch to add it in my collection! Also Medarot Damashii a very good option to totally complete the Medarot series! And for the end... BEYBLADE!!!

  3. Thanks a lot to the whole team for your awesome work. And for translating the whole series in just a few months.

  4. My top choices are Bakusou Kyoudai, then beyblade. I'm not too familiar with Red Baron besides knowing that its a Super Robot, and as far as I know, Damashii seems a bit lack luster compared to its prequel.

  5. I'd really like to see Damashii, it does have a dub though it might take some looking to find. If you want to take a break from medarot to do something else for a while, that would be OK too. I don't have much of a preference; of those three beyblade is the only one I've heard of.

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  7. I'd loved to see more of Bakusou Kyoudai, I only saw one episode and couldn't fine any more then 7 episodes. Same for Beyblade with more subs, but if you want to sub Medarot Damashii next, I'll look forward to it! :)Thank you for all for subbing this series!! >o< finally gonna rewatch it all now and subbed too!

  8. Bakusou all the day, every day. Yet the classic Beyblade with subs would be great too.

  9. I'd like you to do Medarot Damashii. That's just my personal wish though. Thanks for the hard work.

  10. I would appreciate if you can provide MEGA download links!

  11. Why is there no batch of all the episodes?