Sunday, July 10, 2016

Beyblade 8 + Let's & Go!! 6 - 7

They see me ridin', they hatin'
I must be the worst blogger ever.

Go grab Beyblade 8, Let's & Go!! 6 and Let's & Go!! 7 if you haven't already!

Unfortunately no concrete news about the last Medarot batch yet, but things are looking good. It might come relatively soon. I know many of you have waiting for a long time and I'm sorry, we're doing the best we can to bring you the best version of Medarot we can. Please understand.

Oh yeah, we've gotten hold of new raws for Beyblade and they look MUCH better than the ones we had until now, I'm sure you'll notice the difference right away.

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  1. Thanks for the new releases as well as for the update on the last batch of medarot!