Saturday, August 13, 2016

Beyblade 10 + Let's & Go!! 09

Jun is adorable. There, I said it.
Yes, I'm late (again), sorry about that.
At this point, you're better off just looking at nyaa because for a reason or the other I always forget to post the links here too. I'll try to remember from now on (for real).

Anyhow, Beyblade 10 and Let's & Go!! 09 are both up on nyaa. Enjoy!

Unrelated but, should I be worried? I'm kinda scared right now...


  1. Hello SquareAnon and Maxim!
    I have a question. I really want to watch the entire Medarot series, but torrents are a bit hard for me to use.. Are you planning on uploading from episode 40 onwards on Mega?