Wednesday, February 7, 2018

(Bad) News for Beyblade 2002 fans

Okay so, I don't want to beat around the bush so I'll just come out and say it:
I'm not liking this new season of Beyblade. From the changes in character design, to the music, to the CGI to the characters, I'm just not feeling it. I think it lost a lot of the  old-school charm that the original had. I tried to get used to it but I just can't.

We're a group of fansubbers, so subbing a show we're not fans of kind of goes against the point.
I promised you guys that I would do this, and I promised the guys from Hoshi no Yume that I would take over from them and sub the following seasons. They were so kind to share with us their translation, which in turn made my job that much faster as I only had to fix a couple of things instead of starting from scratch.
However, working on a series that I don't like it's just something that I can't do. This is most of all a hobby for me, I do it because I enjoy it, and I think all the other members of SquareSubs agree. It's the same reason why I said time and time again that I wouldn't work on Medarot Damashii since I didn't like the direction it was taking right from episode 1 (Soreepeong is working on it now but even he admits that he's slowing down because the show is just not good). I hope you'll understand.

So what I'm trying to say is, as painful as it is for me to admit, we are going to drop Beyblade 2002, at least temporarily. This means that the third episode, which we released a few days ago, will be the last one from us. This could change in the future, and I will slowly work my way through the series to see if it gets better later on, but I won't make any promises.

So what will happen to this show? Well, I honestly don't know.
Hopefully, our work with the first series and Hoshi no Yume's work on the others has sparked some new interest in Beyblade as a whole, and some other group will pick up our slack and will continue subbing the show. After all, the base translation for most of the series is already done. It only need someone to check it (as there are a few errors here and there), proofread it and mux the subtitles with the raws.

Again, I'm terribly sorry for this, and I'm definitely feeling bad for all the people who (unlike me) were enjoying Beyblade 2002. You have every right to be mad at me.


  1. I can understand why you wouldn't want to sub this. What if you were to sub G-Revolution?

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  3. I have to say I'm sad to hear it won't continue but I understand if your heart is not in it. Like you said, this is a hobby and if you're not enjoying it, it would be so unfair for us to expect you to continue it. I have only seen this series in spanish. Had always wanted to see it in japanese with english subs. Hopefully, someone will continue it eventually. Take care. :)

  4. I can understand, the only thing 2002 had going for it was the previous one's legacy and the current animation. G-Revolution is better imo, at least story wise.

    Btw, does that mean you guys will be doing Bakusou Kyoudai now? If yes, that's actually great news OwO

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  6. So, are you going to start with Metal Fight Beyblade?
    Actually, there's someone who already subbed Bakuten Shoot.

    1. That's awesome to see that an early G-Revolution subbing effort was made, but... lemme say this: Squaresubs does a lot better. Seeing this shouldn't discourage them.

    2. I wasn't trying to discourage them, besides the guy subbed the whole Bakuten Shoot Series so I think it'll be good if they start with Metal Fight Beyblade.

    3. Oh. Still, I'd much rather see Squaresubs do G-Revolution. I mean, they did an exquisite job with Season 1 already, so they shouldn't stop with just that.

      I mean, dropping 2002 is okay. But G-Rev? We at least wanna see THEM give it a try first.

    4. Okay, whatever. I just wanted to tell them about that since they wanted to drop 2002. It's their decision anyway.

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  8. Hello this is Breedo from BeyUK I'm currently funding the sub from Hoshi-no-yume so if you guys want to follow the remaining V Force and G revolution subs you're all welcome to do so on my channel. I have heard of the already existing sub of beyblade and siliva told me it was of low quality so we'll continue our work on the BeyUK channel the best we can.