Thursday, January 10, 2019

We're still alive! + Dash Yonkuro is DONE! + What's next?

Wow it's been so long since the last blog post, I'm really sorry about this.

I'll skip the pointless chatter and go straight to the point: we're still active, and you should already know this if you follow our releases on nyaa. Unfortunately, the pace of our subtitling activities has slowed down quite a bit during the past few months, especially Dash Yonkuro.

About Dash Yonkuro, releases have been slow as I said, but we finally finished working on the last episode! Here it is:
Dash Yonkuro 25
And while we're at it, let me link the older episodes too:
Dash Yonkuro 24
Dash Yonkuro 23
Dash Yonkuro 22
Dash Yonkuro 21

(for the older realeases and for the countless Yume no Crayon Oukoku I redirect you to SquareSubs on nyaa since it's faster than copy and pasting all the links here).

Anyway, with this Dash Yonkuro is done so I'm currently thinking of which series to pick up next. I still want to go on subbing Let's & Go!! WGP. However, things will be moving along a bit slower than they used to a couple of years ago, so I'm a bit concerned about how long it will take us to subtitle another 50-episode series. Which is a shame since almost all the old shows I want to sub (like Ochamegami Monogatari Korokoro Pollon, Aishite Naito, Cyborg  Kuro-chan, Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken, Tiger Mask, etc.) are around that size...

Speaking of patience, I can't say I have good news about the batches of Let's & Go!! and Beyblade. The people who were handling the quality control/editing for them have also been busy with other projects and with IRL stuff, so progress on that has been going slowly but steadily. Celestine, who is handling L&G, says the editing for the batch should be done by the end of this month.
 We'll keep our fingers crossed and hope you'll do the same.


  1. Thank you.
    Will you make a batch for Dash Yonkuro?

  2. lets and go wgp next please. I can provide you with bluray raws.

  3. I second wgp! It will be nice to see Cyborg Kuro-chan after that!

  4. Thank you for final episode of dash yonkuro my friend.
    For next project, really hope you want to do mister ajikko.this is good anime and aired before yonkuro. Blueray raw is ready in nyaa.

  5. I could've sworn Aishite Naito was already subtitled. Either way, good luck on whatever you decide to work on next.

  6. Finally. Now i know You are still alive!

  7. Thank you for working on Yume no Crayon Oukoku, I don't miss an episode! For the next project, I recommend Magical Fairy Persia! Is also a classic Mahou Shoujo and the fansubs stopped working on it for years now. I really love the series and I'm hoping someone would pick it. The missing episodes are 20-24 and 29-48. Thanks for all your hard work!

  8. I would say as you mentioned and other suggested that you should go for Lets and GO WGP as it would complete a cycle and also I reall ylike the idea of watching that season as its undubbed and unsubbed, I mean as oppossed to Medarot next season that is dubbed but well not the best season ever. Then again congratulations on completing Dash and continuing doing an awesome work, keep fighting Squaresubs!! :D

  9. I highly recommend hutch honey bee the 80 remake

    or Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden

  10. Future GPX Cyber Formula SAGA & SIN

  11. Have you guys considered Grander Musashi?

  12. Hello, can ask you something? Can you upload the subtitle file only (.ass or .srt) for Lets and Go season 1? I'm already have a raw file btw. Thanks

  13. hi guys! any signs of life? you guys didnt posted any other blog posts on 2019 and its 2020... 1 year after this blog post was made

  14. i think they already moved on, have a family, died, career