Sunday, February 28, 2016

Episode 40

Gee, I wonder what country these guys are representing...
While we work on the third mini-batch, here's episode 40, where the World Championship finally begins.

A couple of notes: 
as you will notice during this episode, turns out the 'World Championship' is actually a 'World Cup' and the canon transliteration for ロボトル is not 'Robattle' but 'Robotol'. 
We've decided to stick with our own version of these words for the sake of consistency, but we will probably change them to the official ones for the final batch. I hope you'll understand.


  1. Since both Ro(-)battle and ロボトル are combinations of Robot and Battle but with different syllables, I think Rob"o"t(-)tle should be used! It makes more sense in English to me than Robotol and still follows the Japanese pronunciation pretty well.

  2. Medarot 9 actually romanizes ロボトル as Robattle (and it looks best in english). Robotol is kinda like Futbol for the world cup, I guess, but I think Robottle has also been used in some of the official manga or guide books.