Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 1 + Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!! 1 + Some news

Ok so in the Beyblade raws we have the frames are interlaced 
during scene changes, whatever. What's weird is that the Professor on 
the left doesn't appear in the previous OR in the next frame! Spooky...
Took some time but the first episodes of both new series are ready (and have been for a couple days already). 
Beyblade 1 (and subs fix)
Let's & Go!! 1

I think Let's & Go is going to take more time to sub than average because of all the techincal terms and whatnot I'm not really expert about, at least for these first few episodes.

Also I have some news for you:
Turns out another sub group, Hoshi no Yume (you might know them for their Beyblade Burst subs), was already subbing Bakuten Shoot Beublade. Long story short, we decided to do Beyblade as a joint project with them. 
This shouldn't make any big difference except maybe higher quality subs and more frequent releases. Actually, since I decided to go ahead and sub both Beyblade and Let's & Go!! at the same time, this partnership should help fill the gaps for Beyblade for when I'm subbing Let's & Go!!


  1. will you make batches for these like you did for medabot?

  2. Thanks so much for what you're doing! How significantly different is the sub fix from the original file? There aren't any seeds for the sub fix so I'm wondering if there's a huge difference if I stick to the original file.