Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Medarot Third Batch (27-39)

I guess most of you already know this but we've finally released the third Medarot batch, the one with episodes 27 to 39. Torrent MEGA

As for our new series, unfortunately we can't really do anything until we get a new profreader so I'll ask again: if anybody wants to help please let us know.


  1. I would gladly help with proof reading (Let's & Go especially as I have some mechanic and model kit knowledge)

  2. Hoshi no Yume is already doing Bakuten Shoot. We got like the last 12 of season 1 done, plus the first 2 eps. If you'd like to help us and do this as a joint project, send me an email at DranzerX13[at] or, thx.

  3. The people working for squaresubs...

    On any browser or the pc app, go here:

    Our blog is here:

  4. Its really great that you have finished Medarot, this is a season I tried to track back in the day through Nico Nico video for the raw episodes, well I failed at that, only 3/4 of the episodes were there and quality was really low, so seeing your subbing work brings me happiness :D. By the way, I have noticed that you said there will be a batch with all episodes but in the Mega folder I see only up to 39th, should we assume these are the best versions from the first 39 episodes? I started downloading the episodes through torrent too so I would like to get one of the versions which is the best so far. Thanks for the awesome work and keep up the great job =).