Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The final Medarot batch is almost ready!

Yep, you read that right! We're currently applying the last fixes and edits to the last 13 episodes of MEDAROT; then we'll do a quick consistency check on all the other eps and then the [40-52] batch AND the complete series pack will be ready to be uploaded! 

I'm really sorry for the long wait. 
In the next few days we'll be focusing exclusively on Medarot, and after that we'll go back to Beyblade and Let's & Go!!


  1. Great news! Have a Happy Holiday and enjoy it!

  2. Outstanding. Thanks for everything!

  3. Hey guys, it was over a month since your last update. I hope you are still alive and will continue to work on your projects.

    1. Hey, sorry about that. We're definitely alive, and we're still working on the batch and on Let's & Go!! and Beyblade. Work has been a bit slow these past few weeks but I promise you, the final batch will be ready soon.
      Truth is, I made a post some days ago when we uploaded L&G 19, but I completely forgot to actually publish it.

  4. Hi guys is it ok if I translate your work in french ? I'll mention you of course.

  5. Posting here in case you're interested, the creator of a Japanese tabletop RPG for Medabots is looking for help translating their book into English:

  6. Any hope of seeing this sometime soon? Thanks for all the hard work.

  7. I hope it isn't affected by Nyaa dying on us. :)