Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Beyblade 25/26/27 - Let's & Go!! 25/26

Engrish strikes again
Wow, I guess I got brain problems, cause I was totally sure I posted about the older episodes. Oh well, sorry about that.

Anyway, here are our latest releases.

Let's & Go!!:

We're still hard at work on the batches, but in the mean time we will go forward with subbing the rest of the series.


  1. can you seed episode 19? has been trying to download it for 1 week now

    1. Sorry about this. I try to seed as much as I can but my speed is lacking (not to mention that some time it won't seed even if my bandwidth is free). Anyway, I'll just give you the MEGA links for ep 19 for both series (since you didn't specify):
      Let's & Go!! 19!VBAxUTwS!Ie7N0ospaKoNcQSL9Hh6rKR4wUIiNH_hnc54dSKKzZ4

      Again, sorry about this.

  2. I'm afraid I might want to tell you these bad news...

    Let's just say that you might wanna reupload your sub work to horriblesubs. If you were to find out about what happened to nyaa...