Thursday, May 4, 2017

RIP Nyaa, you will be missed - But we're still alive!

I think by now you all know what happened to Nyaa. It's a very sad time for us all.
Anyway, for now you can have these magnet links of our previous stuff:

We're still updating this list so stay tuned.
If things go well, the batches for Medarot and Beyblade 1-26 should be ready relatively soon. We're still looking as to where to upload the new torrents, but we will keep you updated.

Let's hope this time of crisis will end soon.


  1. Hello, Let's & Go! ep 18 to 24 has the same links. Can you fix it? Thanks for your hard work though.

  2. 1080p episodes of L&G is my dream come true! and now english subs?! you guys are gods to me now <3

  3. Some good news... sorta...

    I saw some new torrents uploaded on Nyaa Pantsu, the temporary Nyaa replacement. But you'd have to save your torrent as a magnet link.

  4. here's the replacement for

  5. Hai there! Been waiting quite some time for episode 28 Lets&Go. Please don't give up posting the subs for this anime. Please continue the hardwork as this anime has many values to many 90's kids and its filled with memories of our childhood. Hoping to finally be able to watch all 3 seasons in japanese dub but with english subs. Thank you once again! :)

  6. Hi, any chance for L&G 14-17? I just started downloading, and its missing on the list :( Thanks for your great work.

  7. Hello,firstly thank you so much for subbing this anime! I was just wondering where episodes 14-17 and 26-29 are? They are missing from this list...

  8. I cant watch L&G episode 18,19,20 no seeder at
    can you please update that 3 episodes.. thanks for your hark work..

    1. have you got any seed? please seed it for me, and i will seed them for a week or two