Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Beyblade 2002 - 02 & Yume no Crayon Oukoku - 04

Double release!
The call that saved the Crayon Kingdom

Dash! Yonkuro 02 should follow soon as it's currently being proofread.

We're still looking to hire extra staff so if you're interested in joining us (as translator, proofreader, muxer, editor etc) let us know!


  1. Hello, I hope posting this comment isn't too presumptuous, but I would love to volunteer as a staff member if there's anything a complete beginner like me can do. I don't know how to read or speak Japanese and my computer skills are pretty basic, but I have piles of free time, I am extremely good at proofreading things written in English, and I'm very willing to quickly learn how to do things. Please email me at pianomangibb@gmail.com if there's anything useful I can do, I'm a huge anime fan and I'd love to actually participate usefully in this fandom for once.

  2. Hey there, I am very interested in translating the sorts of series you folks work on. Please e-mail me at matatabimitsu@gmail.com if you are still looking for translators.